Magnificent Antique Area Rugs

Anyone who has even seen and touched antique are rugs will remain under their spell forever.

These mesmerizing floor coverings are permeated with the recherché charm of eastern cultures and each of them tells a separate story captured within the centuries-old motifs and vivacious color palettes. No two antique area rugs made by hand are exactly alike. The effort, time, skill and consideration put in the creation of every antique carpet are visible at first glance. Advanced weaving techniques incorporating Ghiordes or Senneh knots allow extremely high knot density and thus, intricate and extremely detailed patterns. They also contribute to the upmost quality of antique area rugs, which look almost as good as new after the centuries of usage. Sheen and tenacious piles, or strong and resilient flat-woven fabrics draw their brilliance not only from the perfect making but also first-rate materials, including wool, cotton, silk, metal threads and animal hair. All these factors augment the unmatched excellence of antique area rugs.

antique deco area rug

Antique Area Rugs in Modern Décor

Although made ages ago, antique area rugs are still applicable in contemporary interior décor. This unbelievable versatility is provided by the timeless appeal of hand-made carpets from the past. Even without a deeper insight into the background of a particular antique rug or knowledge about the true meaning of traditional oriental motifs and colors, one may quickly fall in love with their composition. Symmetry, balance and unrivalled craftsmanship ensure that antique area rugs always win the competition for the most desired floor coverings in the world. Persian Heriz, Persian Kashan, Persian Qum rugs, as well as antique Sarouk or antique Amritsar rugs, among others, arouse admiration and long-forgotten emotions event in laymen’s hearts. Moreover, all the before mentioned merits guarantee that antique area rugs in New York City and other corners of the modern world can easily fit into people’s households. Especially considering the fact that most present-day interior décors rely on minimalistic, clean spaces that are fantastically complemented by opulent patterns and vivid colors antique area rugs have to offer.

antique area rug

Antique Area Rugs in New York City

New York, the Big Apple, is one of the most absorbent markets when it comes to purchasing of antique area rugs. As the unwritten capital of the world, NYC is also the center of the finest design and the place where staunch collectors seek for ancient wonders instead of going to faraway, exotic places. Fortunately, genuine antique area rugs in NYC are widely accessible, all it takes is to find a trusted and reliable dealer. No matter whether you chose to go for the rug hunt on your own and decide to fly to the Orient, or simply rely on New York rug dealers to provide the goods for you, antique area rugs are definitely going to add some recherché charm and elusive mystery to your house décor.

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